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Refresher Training for DSE Assessors

We recommend that trained DSE assessors refresh and update their skills and knowledge at least every three years.  However, assessors may wish to undergo refresher training sooner than this, for example if their opportunities to carry out assessments or provide advice on DSE issues has been limited.  


Refresher Training courses cover:

  • a review of current legislation, HSE & other relevant guidance, assessment practicalities and best practice

  • hybrid and home working following the pandemic, including employer duties and reasonable practicability

  • the opportunity to raise questions and share experiences - both positive and negative - as an assessor

We offer a couple of options for refresher training for DSE assessors:

  • re-attending one of our 1 day CIEHF-accredited public DSE Assessor Training courses (face-to-face or virtual) at a reduced rate; or

  • arranging an in-house refresher training course.  This is usually most suitable (and cost effective) where initial DSE Assessor Training was also carried out in-house.

Please note that our Refresher Training courses are primarily designed for assessors who have previously attended a 1 day DSE Assessor Training course from DSE Scotland.  If you are unsure about the suitability of this course for you, please get in touch to discuss.

re-attending 1 day DSE Assessor Training

DSE Scotland-trained assessors can use any of our 1 day CIEHF-accredited DSE Assessor Training courses as a refresher course and take advantage of a a reduced rate - £199 compared to the standard price of £259.  This discounted rate will be applied by us at the time of booking.

in-house refresher training  virtual or face-to-face

Our in-house refresher training course for DSE assessors provides the opportunity to refresh assessment skills and knowledge, discuss successes experienced and/or any difficulties encountered in a supportive environment, and ultimately maintain competence to carry out effective DSE risk assessments and provide advice on DSE issues.  In-house training is suitable for individuals or groups (of up to 12 for face-to-face courses, and 6 for virtual training), avoids travel to an external venue, and can be arranged on a convenient date to suit you.  In-house courses also allow for greater application of course content to your organisation - content can also be tailored to include any topics which attendees would specifically like to review or consider.  Courses typically last 2 - 2.5 hours. 


If you are interested in organising an in-house refresher course for DSE assessors, please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

How to Book

Once a date for your in-house refresher course has been agreed, to formally book the course please complete the form below.

General Refresher Training Booking Information


We normally acknowledge receipt of Booking Forms within two working days, so please contact us if you have not heard back within that timescale.  At the same time, we will send our invoice to the person nominated on your Booking Form.  Our payment terms are thirty calendar days from the invoice date, and fees must always be paid in full prior to the course start date.  Invoices include full details of the payment methods we accept: bank transfer (preferred), cheque and credit/debit card.    Please note that while places will be reserved on receipt of a completed Booking Form, they are only guaranteed once full payment is received.  


Course Cancellations and Changes


On rare occasions we may have to cancel courses, change their dates or significantly amend their content because for other reasons beyond our control. If this happens, we will contact you as soon as reasonably possible prior to the course start date and offer you either a transfer to another course, or a full refund.  Unfortunately we cannot meet any consequential losses.


Cancelling Your Booking


Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your booking.

Please refer to our terms and conditions of business for further information.

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