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DSE Risk Assessments

Sometimes called desk or workstation assessments, DSE risk assessments are a legal requirement for all staff who regularly use display screen equipment - computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones - for work, either in the office or from home.


Effective assessments help staff avoid the common health risks associated with DSE use - musculoskeletal disorders (aches & pains),  work-related stress and visual fatigue - , or manage any  pre-existing conditions they may already have.

DSE assessments should be carried out by competent, trained assessors.  Staff can carry out their own self-assessment but must have first received appropriate information and instruction.

We offer a range of methods for carrying out assessments - please see below for more details.  

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One-to-One Assessments : Home or Office



Conducted at the user’s own workstation, a comprehensive one-to-one Display Screen Equipment risk assessment for employees (including new and expectant mothers) with no known pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities.   Includes training and instruction on best practice chair adjustment, posture, workstation set-up, work routines and the use of portable DSE.  Assessments typically last 30 to 45 minutes.  Assessment reports, with findings and recommendations (if any), are normally available within 2 working days, and sent initially (with employees’ consent) to the assessment organiser. 


As above, but for staff who have a pre-existing medical condition, disability and/or who are experiencing significant pain or discomfort during or after using DSE.  These assessments require more time to establish the nature of any issues, investigate the causes of any pain/discomfort, and discuss possible remedial measures.  Specialist assessments typically last anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes. Also suitable for staff returning (or planning to return) to work after a period of sickness absence.



As above, but conducted remotely by phone or video call.

Self Assessments : Home or Office



Our new DSE Awareness with Self Assessment e-learning course has been designed to provide staff with the knowledge they need to competently carry out their own comprehensive workstation assessment.  This course has been independently assessed and accredited by the leading global ergonomics body, the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors.

In an age of concern about data privacy, employees receive prompts to complete relevant sections of a separate, downloadable DSE risk assessment form as they progress through the course.  They can then retain and/or share the completed risk assessment as appropriate.  In this way, no sensitive personal data (such as about pre-existing medical conditions) is gathered by the software itself, and staff remain in control of any information they choose to share.

DSE Awareness with Self Assessment was developed with, and available to buy from, our e-learning partners echo3education for just £12 (£10 + VAT).  Available as an externally hosted course, or as a SCORM-compliant package for any existing Learning Management System.

Tailoring of the course content, and discounts for multiple purchase, are available - please contact us for more information.



After completion of the DSE Awareness with Self Assessment e-learning course, we can provide remote follow-up appointments (of up to one hour) by telephone or video call to assist individuals with any issues they need advice on.