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DSE Risk Assessments

Sometimes called desk or workstation assessments, DSE risk assessments are a legal requirement for all staff who regularly use display screen equipment - computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones - for work, either in the office or from home.


Effective assessments help staff avoid the common health risks associated with DSE use - musculoskeletal disorders (aches & pains),  work-related stress and visual fatigue, or manage any  pre-existing conditions they may already have.

DSE assessments should be carried out by competent, trained assessors.  Staff can carry out their own self-assessment but must have first received appropriate information and instruction.

Our principal assessor Neal Cameron is a fully qualified occupational safety & health professional, with extensive experience of carrying out assessments and delivering CIEHF-accredited DSE Assessor Training courses.  


We offer face-to-face, remote (virtual) and e-learning methods for carrying out assessments, all of which are suitable for home and/or office working.  Please see below for more information.

Volume discounts are available for DSE risk assessments - please contact us for more details.

One-to-One Assessments

People Working in Open Office

in-person - £149

Conducted at the user’s own workstation, a comprehensive face-to-face Display Screen Equipment risk assessment suitable for all staff, including new & expectant mothers or anyone experiencing pain or discomfort during or after using DSE.  Assessments can cover any pre-existing health conditions, and include training and instruction on best practice chair adjustment, posture, workstation set-up, work routines and the use of portable DSE.   Assessments typically last between 30 and 60 minutes.  Assessment reports, with findings and recommendations (if any), are normally available within 2 working days, and sent initially (with employees’ consent) to the assessment organiser. 

The price of face-to-face DSE risk assessments can vary according to location, as for work outside east central Scotland we charge (minimal) expenses to cover travelling time.  Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Office Work

virtual - £139

As in-person assessments, but conducted remotely by video call using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

For remote assessments to work effectively, users must have access to a device with a web camera, and reliable broadband or mobile internet connection.  We also ask individuals to provide (in advance) at least one photograph of their typical working set-up, and to have a tape measure to hand during the video call.

DSE Self Assessment

DSE Awareness with Self Assessment e-learning

DSE Awareness e-learning - £12

Launched in 2020, DSE Awareness is our short e-learning course which provides anyone with the knowledge and skills needed to complete their own basic DSE risk assessment for home and/or office working.  In an age of concern about confidentiality and digital privacy, users are prompted to complete a form-fillable pdf risk assessment as they progress through the training, and in this way no sensitive personal data (e.g. medical information) is captured by the software itself.


With various DSE e-learning software packages on the market, we're proud to say that our course is the only one accredited by the world-leading Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors.  

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