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Move More at Work

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Aimed at staff with desk-based roles, this short (25 minute) e-learning course deals with a serious subject in an engaging and positive way.  It provides users with clear information about the serious health risks associated with inactivity generally, and in particular sedentary behaviour - sitting or lying down for long periods while awake.   


Staff are encouraged to consider their own sitting habits at work, and also application of the course content to life outside of the office. Besides sit/stand furniture, a wide range of other free and low-cost ways of breaking up long periods of sitting and introducing more movement into a working day are presented. 


Key Benefits:


  • addresses a major risk to health

  • ensures compliance with UK law (specifically the requirements to provide information on and reduce risks to health while at work)

  • directly supports workplace health, safety and wellbeing strategies

  • complements any existing e-learning packages (e.g. general health, safety and wellbeing, DSE use, etc.)

  • available on multiple platforms including PC and tablet

  • successful completion awarded with certificate

  • flexible completion reporting

  • available as embedded or hosted package

  • content can be tailored to your organisation 


Course Accreditation


In July 2018, Move More at Work became the first ever e-learning course to receive accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF).  The founding ergonomics membership body in the world, the UK-based CIEHF continue to lead internationally in registration, professional standards and accreditation activities for the discipline.  


In approving the course, assessors from the Professional Affairs Board of the CIEHF commented:


“An excellent and comprehensive e-learning course developed by an experienced team. The material is visually engaging with practical ideas/examples given for the workplace which are importantly guided by relevant Regulations. The style of learning and access to online materials will suit the work environment. The developers should be congratulated on designing an accessible vocational course on an increasingly important topic."


Successful completion of Move More at Work also attracts one CPD (continuing professional development) credit. 


Move More at Work was developed in asssociation with, and is available to purchase from, our e-learning partners echo3education.  

For more information, or to arrange a free, no-obligation trial of the course please contact us.  Or click on the image below to download our guidance note 'Activity & Movement at Work'.

Move More at Work background information
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